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Travel specialist for Japan escorted tours and other travel plans for groups, families and individuals
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Who am I?
Yosoko, Japan Travel with Pat!  

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you will find something interesting. If you do, please contact me and I will be happy to help you. I look forward to hearing from you and having you join one of my tours. .........Patsy

I am Patsy Chun, Japan specialist for Royal Adventure Travel.
Call me on my cell : (808) 497-9965 or e-mail at patchu54@gmail.com to receive any Japan itinerary.  Please leave a message if I am not available and I will call you back at my earliest convenience. 
If you would like to meet and sit down to discuss your travel plans, I can meet with you in the office at Royal Adventure Travel. Please call me so we can set up an appointment to meet. I can help you with most of your travel needs in your travels to Japan. I am looking forward to helping you make the best of your travel time.

Domo arigato gozaimashita.


Explore, discover and experience all the wonders of 

Strolling under the sakura in spring is a rare treat.  In Japan, it is a festive time with everyone in a happy mood.  
This is a perfect tour for the first time visitor to Japan.  It will visit the most popular destination with some delightful lesser known places added to the itinerary.  You will experience the culinary delights, great shopping and interesting activities to give you an insight into what makes Japan special.
One of the special treats is strawberry picking on the farm.  All you can eat.  Sweet, so yummy strawberries.  
Contact me for the cherry blossom itinerary for 2018.  
Sign up now up the 2018 Honshu Shikoku Cherry Blossom tour to bask under the sakura trees.   
It is wise to sign up early for any tour.  There is a $25 early booking discount if your reservation is received by September 30.  Some people are signing up more than a year in advance.
Join us for the 2018 Autumn in Hokkaido and Tohoku tour.  The brilliant reds, oranges, golds and rust were dazzling you as you travel the road to Onuma Park in Hokkaido. 
The fall foliage is absolutely gorgeous in the mountains, by the lakes and in the  gorges in Hokkaido and Tohoku.  Strolling along the stream in the Oirase Valley is wonderfully calming and refreshing.
You'll have fun painting kokeshi dolls, making senbei and picking apples in Aomori.   This past year we even had snow at the top of Mt. Kurodake at the Sounkyo Gorge.  Great shopping and delicious seafood, too.
   Contact me for the 2018 Autumn in Hokkaido and Tohoku itinerary and join me for the time of your life. An early booking discount of $100 is available for this tour.   Sign up now for this tour.  

Join me in 2018 for the Japan Alps, Sado Island, Niigata tour.  Japan Alpine Route-Yuki no Otani is an awesome experience.  Motoring between the tall banks of snow is beyond description.  Gotta be there to know what it feels like.  
 Majestic mountains, beautiful and interesting coastlines, one of Japan's 3 most beautiful parks, culture-rich cities and the nicest natural environment.  Of course, the shopping and food was superb.
Please contact me if you would like to receive the itinerary and join us in 2018.  
Just returned from our Summer in Hokkaido tour.   The lavender fields were in full bloom.  The scent  from the flowers was soothing and the fields were gorgeous.  We visit the northernmost point in Japan, too.  Wonderful seafood, the Ainu culture, beautiful wild flowers in bloom.  
It's not too early to sign up for our 2018 Summer in Hokkaido.  The 2018 itinerary for this tour is now available.  There is  $75 early booking discount if you sign up now.
  Contact me for the itinerary and to learn more about the marvelous places and experiences this tour offers.
Contact me for more information:  patchu54@gmail.com or call (808) 497-9965

Enjoy the rotenburo (outdoor onsen) on several of our tours.  
2018 Summer in Japan is the perfect tour for the young to enjoy the fun in the amusement parks and learn about the Japanese culture and traditions. 
This a tour the kids will love.  It  gives them a chance to play and at the same time learn about Japan.
The Summer in Japan  is an introductory tour for the young and young at heart, those going to Japan for the first time. and the returnee looking for their old familiar places.  Popular destinations, amusement parks, great places to try the Japanese food specialties and lots of opportunities to shop. 
Contact me for more information and sign up now for 2018.  
Picking kaki for our mid-morning snack in Haki

Royal Adventure Travel
 Travel Fair 

November 6 and 7

9:00 a.m.

Royal Adventure Travel office
3229 Koapaka St.  Honolulu, 96819

Come and learn more about our tours.
Meet our specialists and escorts.

Contact me to RSVP

Summertime in Japan

We will be departing soon to enjoy our 2017 Kyushu Okinawa Tour . We visit the beautiful Takachiho Gorge which is shrouded in mythical history from ancient times.  We also pick our own kaki (persimmon) snack.  Three days in Okinawa was a delightful addition to this tour.  This year we will be adding a couple of nights stay at one of the beautiful beach resort hotels in Okinawa. We will have a wonderful time trying out two very unusual onsens.  Much, much more to enjoy.
Our 2018 Kyushu Okinawa Tour itinerary is now available.  If you weren't able to make it this year, plan on making it next year.  Contact me and I will email you the itinerary and reservation form.  Inquire today and sign up for this tour.  You will be glad you did. Join us for a wonderful time.  

2018 Japan Quilt Tour
has been cancelled.
Tachikawa Gorge shrouded in mystery.  Ancient home of gods and goddesses.

Our Sapporo Snow Festival Tour scheduled for February 2018 has been cancelled.
Important News Update!
The 2017 Kyushu Okinawa Tour is now guaranteed.  This is a good time to sign up for it.  There is room for you.  Don't wait!
Make a washi paper postcard or mini picture in Yame.